Free Images: Why Do You Need Images on Your Website?

Free Images

Like other bloggers, you may be using images as a way of breaking the monotony in your site. Notably, in an era of free images availability, having a picture on blog posts is now a norm. But does the image make any sense? Do you have to use them or is it a high time to offer full-text content? These are some of the questions in your mind, and it is the reason you are reading this article. Relax. Here are three top reasons why images are essential in your website.

1)   Images create liveliness of your product

Imagine you are selling a pesticide in your online shop. However, instead of posting a picture of the same, you only post text explaining how the pesticide looks like. By doing so, you give your audience a task of trying to figure out the appearance of your products. This way, you kill their morale and most likely, they do not read your content to the last point.

As a webpreneur, you should avoid this mistake. Images act as the narrators of your offers story on your website. This enables your audience to associate with your products. Also, having images enhance your visitors’ attention and memorability. Hence, if you want to bring life to your products when selling online, having their pictures is not an option.

2)   Images are the front gears to social sharing

Do you want your content to go viral? One way of achieving this goal is embedding images on your content. With the availability of free photos from credible sources making your posts to go viral is no longer a big deal.  According to research, articles incorporating relevant images as part of the content induce social sharing. Also, social posts with images encourage high engagement than the full-text version. For this reasons, pictures are the secret for enhancing sharability of your content which means reaching out to a broader audience. 

3)   Increase search result clicks

Indeed, you use search engines in your daily activities. If this is so, you can confirm that you are likely to click results with images than one without. When it comes to your case, the rule is the same. Adding a picture to your content improves search results clicks. People will be attracted to your site when they view an image of the product they are looking for. By this, you enhance your chances of receiving high traffic and conversion rates.

With this information, you now understand why images make sense on your website. So, do not include pictures. Do it for a purpose. Other articles than can be interesting for you: 

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